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Antapani – Bandung 16 Maret 2005

In the endless moment when I really tired to wait
I light a candle but I have opened the window
and let the wind blows that candle lights
so that beautiful memory has started to fade

Are you still as romantic as you used to be?
Spoil me with your love, ask me to eat catfishes that you brought from your home, While your hand massaging my shoulder.

Will you still acting like my mom? Standing beside my desktop, shutting down my PC, Asking me to sleep earlier, while your voice is whispering softly in to my ear and saying… “Don’t work too hard honey!”

A valley in Antapani
Midnight hushes with the moon rising high
You and me.., we were standing there…
Watching a dozen of Bats Fly across the city
Listening to our song from ‘Savage Garden – Truly, madly, deeply (doo..)’ and
Staring at each other without saying anything,

You are the beginning of my future
Your eyes and your lips are question and the answer
Your heart as pure as a diamond glints on snow

Since my Second Fiancée has ran away from me in flashes of light
And I found no more love on this Earth
You are my last hope

If I could see a fallen star or a jinni in the bottle could grant me a wish
I wish I could always sit next to you whenever you’re crying so I can catch your tears before it falls to the earth

I wish I could always standing beside you whenever you’re sad
So I could hug you before your boyfriend does it…

Black clouds covered the moonlight and rain has slowly fallen
and Love we had has simply gone

If I have collected 7th dragon ballz
I wish I could Turn back time
Because….I hate to know I hurt you that’s not how I want it to be

I don’t have to jump out from the highest building just to prove that I really love you. Please come back to me, Give me your heart and your new phone number

You were my dearest Friend
You are my deadliest foe
you hate me, and you’ve ruined my world, but I’ll never hate you
I promise
I will always treat you as a princess in my Fairy tale stories

The wind was blowing,
Take away my everything,
Now I stay with nothing,
But I am not lonely.

These eyes had watched without a tear
Though this be the last pain that loves makes me suffer
and these be the last sentences that I write for you.
Good bye Princess…
May all the lucky star in this entire galaxy..,
shine down upon you with love.

–Achmad hidayat

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